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me. i am rhonda... the elusive chanteuse.

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avoid people like this


hey guys so i know a bunch of you guys are about to go to college or are already in college so i wanted to pass on this information. Amazon Student is a FREE account for people, all you need is a .edu email! you get discounts on A LOT of essential things for school like laptops, supples, and you…


Dont sell my girl no weed bruh, u sell it to me, i will give it to her. My girl come home, and already gotta dub bag of chronic, im not smokin with her, cause i know she fucked. Dont even drive ya girl to go get the weed “babe ima run upstairs n get it” she up there for…

there’s something in my eye and I can’t see it and I’m stressin with one eye open

I’m so embarrassed that I forgot to drink enough water like its not difficult

like at first I was just losing my vision and I was like haha ok and then I passed out and it was so scary

if ur ever dehydrated and u go on a high intensity roller coaster u will likely pass out :)))


*bites murderer* it’s a metaphor, see
you put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing



2005 wasn’t just 2005

it was the beginning of an era


omfg i remember this

I’m at an amusement park and the last ride I was on was not amusing


*is fake*

me: “i’m not fake”

these kids keep saying “what that mouth do?”… I’m in a church van…

McDonalds aesthetic

don’t change your url without consulting me first that’s disrespectful and I will not have it