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hi I'm Rhonda and Purple Rain is the best album in modern history ☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁ on my blig
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Anna Kendrick Plays Ariel in Little Mermaid Parody on SNL [Video]


Basically me when I’m trying to cheer someone up.


hey guys can you guys click and sign this petition! It’s for my friend who died in February. There are many questions in his case on his death and it’s explained on this website as well We need 25,000 signatures to continue please help!!!!!


just think about it y’all millions and millions of little dark skinned black girls are going to go to the supermarket with their parents this month and when they’re waiting in line at the check out aisle they’re going to look up and see Lupita Nyong’o being hailed as the most beautiful woman in the world god is amazing

Pharrell on his time working at McDonald’s


the lunar eclipse condensed to 3 seconds, for those of you who had clouds or are in a hurry