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hey i'm rhonda and i'm here to rock the boat


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Nicki Minaj on the message in ‘Anaconda’

I’m happy the message is so beautiful

Anonymous asked: Rhonda I just wanted to say I love your blog ok bye

anon I wanted to say thanks and ily :*

I can sleep well tonight knowing that brad and angelina are married

heteroh no I was really mad but then i just tried to understand why the hell anyone would say that for no reason and I got so caught up in discovering this shit that I forgot to yell at him

also this kid called me the n word last week

so there’s this white kid in my class who sits next to me who wants to black sooo badly and says the n word and stuff and just like doesn’t behave and dresses badly and pisses everyone off even tho he’s kinda nice and funny but like…. chill. anyway we were talking about college and stuff and he told me about how much he loved math and and science and what his GPA was like and aspired to be an engineer and I was like omg…… this kid has fooled the entire school even me. anyway don’t judge a book by its cover because that book might be rich one day

skinny people talking about skinny shaming is kinda like white people talking about reverse racism…. like bad things happen to you and it’s not okay but you gotta think of the bigger picture here

why did I delete my post about badass pantsuits I want one they can call me Ball Buster Jones even though jones is no part of my name


"This is not a dollhouse, this is Gaza"