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me. i am rhonda... the elusive chanteuse.

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when youre running what do your cock and balls do? do they just flap against your thighs or

my dick becomes rock hard to steer my body using wind currents, almost like a sail and said wind causes my scrotum to tighten close to my body for maximum speed


…Now you know damn well….


How many days in a row do you have to wear the same clothes until you’re legally a cartoon?




people say dolphins are smart but there not smart enough to not be Shity grey rubber tubes flappin about in the gotdamn ocean


congratulations! you are the piss lord of shit mountain. thank u for hefting turds down the mountainside so that we, the proles, may feast on your bounteous craps

some important life lessons

1.) it’s important to critically engage with life and all the things you encounter
2.) remember that everyone is doing their best and what they believe is right at any given time
3.) love and fear are the two most powerful emotions and can drive anyone to do anything
4.) no matter what or where from, all people want love and respect
5.) things are never as bad as they seem to be
6.) bad things are just a part of life
7.) we’re all a part of a larger, interconnected picture
8.) you matter


*leaves house for 10 minutes one day*
*uses the rest of the week to relax from that day and have some time to myself*

the other day I spent 40 minutes petting two golden retrievers and they were the happiest moments of my entire life


6 selfie thing


for real though i just scrolled through my tagged/me and picked 6 pictures


me doing hats


watch this and reblog this please

it’s about my friends murder case

me when u post a selfie. keep up the good work  (via so-humorous) ←

Track: When Doves Cry
Artist: Prince
Album: Purple Rain


When Doves Cry | Prince


you’re straight? in this economy??


if it wasn’t for my mom i probably wouldn’t have been born